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Trimble UAS

Industry-leading UAS Mapping Solutions 

Trimble prides itself on being a leader in innovation. By setting new industry standards to improve our users' efficiencies and deliverables, we are proud to provide even more breadth and depth to our portfolio by offering the first, and only, complete aerial imaging solution specifically designed for surveyors and geospatial professionals.

A UAS Portfolio for All Your Data Collection Needs

The UX5, UX5 HP and Microdrones portfolio set the standard for fast and safe aerial data collection by offering complete systems with powerful technologies. The systems are extremely durable, easy to maintain and have a reputation for exceptional performance in extreme conditions. Each system comes with industry leading flight control and field processing software such as Trimble Access Aerial Imaging Software on the UX5 and UX5 HP. Back in the office, use Trimble Business Center Photogrammetry Module software to quickly process date and generate robust deliverables.   

UX5 Multispectral

The Standard in Agricultural Mapping
Supports the MicaSense RedEdge, a true Multispectral camera with five discrete, narrow bands
Optionally connect a Downwelling Light Sensor
Easily and reliably mount your MicaSense RedEdge kit parts into the protective payload bay
All-terrain and high wind performance
Create Multispectral orthomosaics down to 6 cm GSD
Fully integrated Trimble Access Aerial Imaging workflow ensuring ease of use and data quality before returning to the office
Simple data processing on the MicaSense ATLAS cloud or locally

Microdrones UAVs

Fast and reliable aerial data
Our system is resistant to rain, sand and salt, so you can fly in harsh conditions
Quality, integrated motors for minimum downtime
Micro-controlled drive system instantly responds to changing winds to maintain the proper flight attitude
Light, compact,foldable carbon design
Robust carbon fiber construction makes easy work of an occasional rough landing
Can be equipped to capture live video imagery for inspection application
Plus sign (+) shaped configuration is more practical


A High Precision Mapping and Surveying Solution
High Performance Trimble GNSS receiver with PPK technology
36 MP, full-frame, high resolution camera
Orthomosaics resolution down to 1 cm & 3D models with up to 1,000 pts/m2
Survey quality accuracy without ground control
Fully automated Trimble Access workflows for ease of -use and safe operation
Simple data processing with Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module
Advanced data processing with Trimble Inpho UASMaster


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