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Trimble Unmanned Aircraft Systems have already been deployed for more than 15 different applications, ranging from volume calculation in quarries to forest monitoring and archaeology. People share here their experiences with Trimble UAS and the advantages these offer for their particular business.


Topographic surveying
“From my experience, I estimate that a UAS survey is at least three times cheaper than a conventional survey and 8-10 times faster for large-scale projects,” Simou says, civil engineer with AKTOR ADT. “In addition, we are getting all the other products— orthophotos, a dense 3D model, videos and virtual reality — as well as the ability to zoom in on any area and get details up to a 1- to 2-centimeter resolution.”
- Konstantinos Simou, civil engineer with AKTOR ADT,


Archaeological mapping
In the Fall of 2014, Trimble had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Trimble UX5 Unmanned Aircraft System and our Trimble Business Center and Inpho processing software at Machu Picchu in Peru.
- Geosystems, Peru ,

Mesa County, Colorado

Topographic surveying
"With the Trimble UX5, Mesa County is one of the first to benefit from a cutting-edge solution that can change how surveyor's collect data."
- Frank Kochevar, GPS/survey supervisor for Mesa County Public Works,

Instrumentaly Optica

Topographic surveying
On February 2014, Jorge Berenguela from the Ecuadorian company “Instrumental y Optica” left for one month expedition to the South Pole. The team from Instrumental y Optica collaborated with the Military Geographic Institute of Ecuador to map the Ecuadorian base “Pedro Vicente Maldonado” located on the north coast of Greenwich Island.
- Instrumental y Optica,

PT Hidronav Tehnikatama

Forest inventory

Palm oil Plantation Monitoring

Company: PT Hidronav Tehnikatama (Hydronav Services Group)

Operator: Siti Baizura Alidin

Location: Indonesia - Lamandau, West Kalimantan

Date: February 2014


- Siti Baizura Alidin ,


Quarry and mine site surveying
"Mining sites require quick and accurate surveying to monitor and measure ground terrain changes."
- Cristián Michell S. - Land Surveyor,


Topographic surveying

"The acquired imagery is used throughout different departments of the company, beyond of what was originally expected. It's planned now to do the mapping work on a quarterly basis." 

- Ivan Marinov,


Topographic surveying

“After a first project for site planning and volume calculations, the company is now contracted to do regular follow up flights to map the work progress.”

- George Papastamos,

BYU Department of Anthropology & Archaeology

Archaeological mapping

Our project in Jordan was a great success thanks largely to the X100.  We were able to capture some amazing imagery that we used to plan and execute our pedestrian archaeological survey.  The ability to create a high resolution orthomosaic with precision and speed, along with DEM creation, were extremely useful for the first phase of our project.

- Scott M. Ure,

Edf energy

Mapping of new power station

Hinkley Point C, in Somerset, will be Britain’s first new nuclear power station in twenty years and is set to provide enough low carbon electricity to power five million homes. Preparatory works, such as the removal of vegetation and installation of fencing, are currently underway across the 150 hectares of the construction site.

- Rodolphe Jobard,


Quarry and mine site surveying

Surveying an open-pit mine can be a hazardous undertaking. In order to obtain accurate volume measurements, it is necessary to pick up edges—known in the industry as “toes and crests”—as well as heaps.

- Dave Bansemer,


Oil spill monitoring

In August 2012 an extensive fuel spill has fouled a stretch of shoreline and oiled pink flamingos and other wildlife in a nature preserve in at Jan Kok on Curaçao. GIS4C volunteered to offer their services to the Research Institute Carmabi, who is leading the cleanup process in the area.

- Eric Sussenbach,


Topographic surveying

"We have been using the X100 for one season now. This new method has opened new doors in the surveying field. As a remarkable surveying company in Finland we have to serve our customers as well as possible. The product range has to be wide and it is important for us that the customer can order the whole project from us.

- Mikko Ilmonen,


Quarry and mine site surveying

According to Steve Talbot, a surveyor with Sibelco Australia, the company typically utilises contract surveyors to ground survey and aerial survey at a number of its sites around Australia. "At times this expense can be considerable," he said."Because of this, we were looking at finding a cheaper way to survey all our sites; The Gatewing X100 se

- Steve Talbot,


Topographic surveying

"For us, the X100 is a perfect addition to a total station, a GNSS receiver or a scanner. We use it to produce very accurate orthophotos of gravel pits. Also we determine digital terrain models and do volume calculations with it and all this in a very short time. The X100 follows the preprogrammed flight path very precisely.

- Armin Weber,


Archaeological mapping
"The diminutive island that is located in a remote part of the eastern Pacific, Easter Island (Isle de Pasqua or Rapa Nui) has a rich archaeological record. The most famous parts of the record are the colossal multi-ton statues (moai) that line the coast."
- Prof. Carl Lipo,


Forest inventory

"For forests managers or scientists studying forest ecosystems, data with high temporal and spacial resolution has a primary importance. Forest inventories have always been time consuming and expensive. Thanks to the X100, digital elevation model and orthomosaic of more than 100ha of forest can be produced in one single flight.

- Lisein Jonathan,

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