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Topographic surveying
- Ivan Marinov,

"The acquired imagery is used throughout different departments of the company, beyond of what was originally expected. It's planned now to do the mapping work on a quarterly basis." 

Project conducted in Bulgaria, January 2014 for Dundee Precious Metals.


  • Environment & landfill
  • Asset and inventory management

Project Requirement Definition:

A Bulgarian goldmine’s geological and survey department were in need of an accurate survey of the surrounding environment of the mine site. The mountainous terrain and strong wind gusts over the mountain ridges asked for a solid solution able to land on rough terrain. The total project covered an area 68sq. km hence the need of a system with a high coverage per flight. Purpose of the project was to inventories stockpiles, and to map the mine's facilities and the environmental  impact of the reclamation works.



Requested Deliverables:

The customer was in need of DSMs and orthophotos with 10 to 20 cm pixel resolution.

 Image: DSM goldmine and surrounding environment

Image: Orthophoto goldmine and surrounding environment

Project Details:

  • Number of flights for the compete project: 36 flights
  • Flight Altitude:  200m – 450m
  • Total project area covered: 68 sq. km
  • Final resolution deliverables: 10 - 20CM
  • Number of GCP’s: 147




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