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PT Hidronav Tehnikatama

Forest inventory
- Siti Baizura Alidin ,

Palm oil Plantation Monitoring

Company: PT Hidronav Tehnikatama (Hydronav Services Group)

Operator: Siti Baizura Alidin

Location: Indonesia - Lamandau, West Kalimantan

Date: February 2014


Palm oil plantations are constantly changing environments with different parcels in different phases of their life cycle. Terrains going from fellow land that needs to be replanted, over young trees that need checks on growth and health status to old palm trees that need to be removed. Throughout these different phases updated and accurate maps and terrain information is most valuable for efficient plantation management.

Image: Project team 

The purpose of this specific project was to map a plantation area with 6 months to 3 year old palm trees. The plantation owner was in need of an orthophoto and digital surface model of this specific area to do volume calculations, height measurement of trees and future leveling and drainage planning of the parcel.

Image: UX5 Launch 


The plantation was located in the difficult to reach hilly environment of Lamandau, West Kalimantan Province. Takeoff and landing location were fixed 2 km away from the terrain that needed to be mapped. Due to the high cruise speed of the UX5 it was possible to cover different areas of interest from one single takeoff and landing spot.

Image: Aerial Imaging flight plan. 2 km distance between takeoff and landing area and area of interest.

Image: Lamandau, West Kalimantan


Trimble Business Center Photogrammetry module was used to produce point clouds, DSM, and contour maps of the area. The automated workflows enable the user to get high level results in a fast and easy way.

Image: Georeferenced orthomosaic adjusted with tie points 

Image: Zoom in on orthomosaic

Image: 3D Point cloud in TBC Photogrammetry Module

Flight Details:

  • Number of flights: 1
  • Flight Altitude: 100 AGL
  • Image Overlap: 90%
  • Total area covered: 0.25 sq. km
  • Flight Time: 29 minutes (form takeoff to landing)
  • Ground Sample distance: 3 CM
  • Pictures taken: 433
  • Control points: No control points were used 

Advantage for plantation managers using Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging rover:

Plantation managers of Triputra Agro Persada the plantation owner confirm the use of the Trimble UX5 increases their flexibility as they are now able to collect data whenever they are in need of it. Furthermore surveys can be done faster and at a lower cost. The Trimble UX5 changes the way the plantations are managed and the use of the UX5 data is now being implemented in the weekly reports and planning.

Time saving compared to conventional surveying:

Surveying work done per day:

Data acquisition cost: -50% 

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