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Topographic surveying
- Mikko Ilmonen,

Vice President of surveying company Mitta Oy

"We have been using the X100 for one season now. This new method has opened new doors in the surveying field. As a remarkable surveying company in Finland we have to serve our customers as well as possible. The product range has to be wide and it is important for us that the customer can order the whole project from us.

The X100 brings efficiency of the projects to a totally new level. Now we are able to execute projects that have been unreachable before. For example some open pits of mines are not possible to measure by the traditional method because the risk of an accident is too high.

We have done projects for mines, soil business, municipal planning and volume calculation. The X100 has been in the air almost the entire season and we expect to execute even more missions during the next season."

Orthophoto processed with PIEneering software / Customer: The City of Ilivieska, Finland / Consult: KPAMK, Ylivieska / Operator: Mitta Oy)


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