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Instrumentaly Optica

Topographic surveying
- Instrumental y Optica,

Project Description:

On February 2014, Jorge Berenguela from the Ecuadorian company “Instrumental y Optica” left for one month expedition to the South Pole. The team from Instrumental y Optica collaborated with the Military Geographic Institute of Ecuador to map the Ecuadorian base “Pedro Vicente Maldonado” located on the north coast of Greenwich Island.

Environmental conditions: 

 Working at remote loctions such as the South Pole reqiures a meticulous mission planning. The closest habitation at hundreds of miles away, the unusal travel destination and difficult supply of goods ask for 100% reliable solutions and gear in order to succesfully accomplish a mission. With the Trimble UX5 capable to fly in tough weather condtions the team felt confident to succeed.


  • -5 degrees (end of the summer)
  • Constant wind gusts, rainfalls, water-snow storms; low sea mists
  • Variable, up to 50 km/h



Greenwich Island, Ecuadorian base “Pedro Vicente Maldonado”, Antarctica


Mission Flight plan:

  • Height: 100 meters
  • Sideward overlap: 80%
  • Forward overlap: 80%
  • 20 flight lines
  • 486 aerial photo stations
  • Area covered: 0.3 km2
  • Flight time: 35 Minutes


 Deliverables processed in TBC Aerial Photogrammetry Module – Advanced UAS:

  • Point Cloud – Auto density (based on orhomosaic resolution ~ 1 point/0.4 m









  • Orthomosaic – Low resolution 0.24 m/pixel












  • Orthomosaic draped onto surface










  • Contours 1 meter 











Flying the Timble UX5 at the South Pole was the utlimate proof of concept for the Military Geographic Institute. The first orthophoto ever cteated of the Pedro Vicente Maldonado base in these extreme conditions convinced them of the  robustness of the solution. The team decided to further incorporate the use of the Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution in their daily routines.


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