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Forest inventory
- Lisein Jonathan,

Li├Ęge University
Departement of forest and nature management

"For forests managers or scientists studying forest ecosystems, data with high temporal and spacial resolution has a primary importance. Forest inventories have always been time consuming and expensive. Thanks to the X100, digital elevation model and orthomosaic of more than 100ha of forest can be produced in one single flight. The combination of these aerial informations with terrestrial information can characterize the forest in terms of structure, density, maturity and species composition.

The era of low cost aerial forest inventory has just begun. It offers great opportunities for foresters which must cope with current global changes as biodiversity loss, global warming and increasing demand for timber. The Gatewing X100 opens the door for many possibilities that are now investigated in order to improve the understanding and the description of forest stands. Nowadays, the use of drones in forestry stays a challenge requiring training, knowledge in remote sensing (especially in photogrammetry) as well as experience in forestry sciences. Nevertheless, aerial forest inventories are expected to take more and more importance due to the flexibility and efficiency of rapid terrain mapping tools as the X100 for acquiring valuable information. The following figure illustrates how trees can be automatically detected and caracterised with aerial images."

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