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15 December 2015

Hot tips for flying in the cold

Did you know that as the temperature drops, so does the performance of the UX5 launcher and the LiPo battery inside your aircraft? read more
10 September 2015

University of North Dakota staff, students usher in new era of wildlife research using UX5

Staff and students from the UND Biology Department are using Trimble UX5 to study snow geese and plant ecology in northern Manitoba. See the full story here. read more
29 July 2015

Recent Training in Indonesia

Congratulation to Siti Baizura on her first UX5 training in Gorontalo, Indonesia. read more
04 June 2015

The Trimble UX5 is Featured at The First Global Training Course in Humanitarian Unmanned Aviation

The Trimble UX5 was presented to representatives from various UN agencies, NGOs and EU institutions at the first ever training and certification course on Humanitarian UAVs for established humanitarian professionals. Read more about the future of UAVs in humanitarian relief and development work here. read more


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