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20 March 2015

UX5 Proves Itself Again as a Durable Solution in Strong Crosswinds at RPAS Event

A couple of weeks ago, Trimble attended RPAS event held at the Polytechnic University of Valencis. Alicia LLorens,the technical product engineer of Trimble UAS product, gave an amazing presentation on the Trimble UX5. Alicia’s presentation focused on the different projects and applications of the UX5, and she captured everyone’s attention.



At the end of the conference, everyone moved outside to the flight location.The wind was very strong and the region of Valencia was on the alert. Some of the manufacturers decided not to fly as some of their systems “never experienced a flight in such windy conditions”. However, Trimble decided to do a short flight as the crosswinds was about 50 to 59 kph. These wind speeds were no match for the UX5, the wind speeds were lower than the maximum recommended speeds.Yes, Trimble made it. Both takeoff and landing was a success and earned a huge applause from the crowd. This was a true test of endurance in which the UX5 proves itself again as a durable system that can withstand winds up to 65km - making it ideal for use in conditions that many other UASs struggle to operate in. 



UX5 Take off 

UX5 Landing

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