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04 June 2015

The Trimble UX5 is Featured at The First Global Training Course in Humanitarian Unmanned Aviation

UAViators held the Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting in June 2015 along with the first ever training and certification course on Humanitarian UAVs. The Trimble UX5 was presented to representatives from various UN agencies, NGOs and EU institutions, where they were put through the paces of flight planning and image analysis. In this three day-long meeting, attendees explored lessons learned from recent humanitarian UAV missions in Vanuatu and Nepal. From the flight authorization process to equipment checklists for disasters, and reviewing the core details of unmanned aviation from a standpoint, they were able to place humanitarian UAV pilots on roughly equal footing in their discussions with civil aviation professionals.

The Director of Research and Analysis at Direct Relief, Andrew Schroeder, reflected on the future of UAVs in humanitarian relief and development work: “There is much that will need to go right for these futures to materialize — and again, we are still in very early days with humanitarian drone applications — but after three solid days of training I came away more convinced than ever that these technologies can and will, if we understand and apply them correctly, change in significant ways our basic assumptions about what is knowable and achievable in humanitarian operations. And that possibility is something I think we should all be rooting for.”  

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