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14 May 2015

Trimble UX5 Captures Chan Chan World Heritage Site

In Peru, surveyors more and more often make use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) data to speed up the survey process. In early April, the Trimble UX5 was used by GeoSystems to capture more than 8,000 detailed, lower altitude aerial photographs of Chan Chan for purpose of research, conservation and legal defense of the monuments. Chan Chan is a unique archaeological site that was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.



The image project officer reported that "this work will allow us to have a comprehensive and accurate reference of all the intangible area".

"Unlike the other drones, the technology of UX5 allows a larger sweep of intangible area in a short amount of time. In our case, 1,414 hectares were recorded by eight 30 mins flights,"he added.

María Elena Córdova Burga, Director of the special project of Chan Chan from Ministry of culture in Peru, said: "the benefits of this work will be to know exactly the problems that the  archaeological site is facing and all these detailed aerial data will tremendously help us  conserve, preserve and legally defend this archaeological site."


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