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Applications and markets

More applications and markets

  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental & Landfill
  • Public Agencies
  • Waste management
  • Disaster management
  • Safety assessment
  • Flooding change detection
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Volume calculation (stock piles)
  • Research (geology, archaeology, etc.)
  • Asset management
  • ...

Hinkley Point C, in Somerset, will be Britain’s first new nuclear power station in twenty years and is set to provide enough low carbon electricity to power five million homes. Preparatory works, such as the removal of vegetation and installation of fencing, are currently underway across the 150 hectares of the construction site.

Weekly mapping

Rodolphe Jobard

Aerial Intelligence Team Leader for EDF Energy

RT @redbirdgroup:...
Our partner Cansel flying the #TrimbleUX5 in near 55 km/h winds....

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