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Trimble UAS Academy

Trimble UAS Academy is the UAS training organization at Trimble. 

Together with our Trimble partners, we form one strong team of UAS professionals who provide high-quality trainings for our UAS users. We develop and continuously improve our standardized training procedures that meet regulatory requirements from Aviation Authorities around the world. 

We believe that proper UAS education ensures safe and effective UAS operations. Therefore we instruct, train and coach our users to become Trimble certified UAS Operators and certified UAS Instructors. 

You can join the UAS professionals team by following the appropriate learning track. 

“Learn Before You Launch!”

Kim Vangilbergen
UAS Training Manager

Become a Trimble certified

UAS Operator

UAS Flight Training & Flight Test

Join a Trimble UAS Operator training event or contact the certified UAS Instructor at your local Trimble Partner

Pass the UAS flight test with your certified UAS Instructor

UAS Operator Test


Pass the online UAS Operator test

Become a Trimble certified

UAS Instructor

UAS Instructor Training & Instructor Test

UAS Instructor Test


Pass the online UAS Instrcutor test

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